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The right healthcare system for me and my family.

Médis Health Insurance

Frequently asked questions
  • How much does Médis health insurance cost?

    The cost of health insurance depends on the age and type of coverage you are looking for.

    Option 1, with hospitalization coverage and the cost of consultations by the Médis chart (lower than the price charged to uninsured people) has prices starting at €9,10/month.

    Adding coverages like stomatology (dental care), childbirth or others, increases the cost of the insurance. Click Simulate and find out your monthly/annual cost.

  • What is the minimum and maximum age to subscribe Médis?

    You can have Médis from the moment you are born. The baby can have an independet insurance or be associated with the mother or father, if they have insurance for more than 1 year with childbirth coverage.

    You can subscribe Médis until you are 75 years old. Médis has two insurance options called Vintage and Vintage Plus for those who are over 55 years old.

  • What does Ambulatório, Estomatologia, Franquia e Copagamento mean?

    These are a few words you'll be reading in your documents or policy.

    This coverage gives you access to doctor appointments, exams, as well as minor surgeries performed in a doctor's office or hospital.

    Stomatology is the medical specialty that studies and treats diseases of the mouth and the dental system.

    It's a value to be paid by customers when they use the insurance plan. This value is defined in the contract.

    Copayment is the part of the total expense that is paid by the client. For example, a Medical appointment may cost around €80, but the Médis customer only pays €15.

How can I ...?
  • How can I register on the website?

    In the upper right corner of the screen, you must click Login. In this menu, under the Login you have the option of Registar.

    Follow the steps, insert the code sent to your phone, confirm the data and register your Médis card.

  • How can I book a doctor appointment?

    To book an appointment, an exam or other treatment, simply search the Guia Médis for the provider or doctor that is most convenient for you and call to book an appointment.

    At the time of the appointment, you must mention that you are a Médis client.

  • How do I get reimbursed?

    When you go to a doctor which we don't have a partnership with, you go "out-of-network".

    In this case, you can ask Médis for a reimbursement (according to the general conditions of your insurance).

    1) Login (in the right up corner of the website);
    2) In the menu Despesas choose Nova Despesa and fill in the form;
    3) Send it signed along with the original payment documents to:

    Médis - Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros de Saúde, SA
    Praça Príncipe Perfeito 2, 1990-278 Lisboa

More information

Learn more about the benefits we have for you and the special conditions of each plan. 

Médis health insurance has different options for your unique needs.

General Conditions Médis Healthcare System

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Serviço disponível nos dias úteis das 9h00 às 17h00. Indique o dia e hora em que quer ser contactado.

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